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School friends Morgana and Alfie are looking into a notorious cold case: the mysterious disappearance of local eccentric Odd Colin from their Lancashire town in 1972.

As Morgana and Alfie doggedly pursue their investigation they’ll encounter pirates, vampires, aliens and secret agents, and interrogate them all in order to get to the truth!

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Written by Eddie Robson

Tillie Amartey as Morgana 
Mack Keith-Roach as Alfie 
Alix Dunmore as Victoria, Lily and Lucy 
Kathryn Drysdale as Rhiannon, Bella and Sarah 
Helen Goldwyn as Mary and Tiffany 
Jayne Griffiths as Agnes 
Simon Kane as as the Duke, Alfie’s Dad, Lewis, Old Man and Will 
Jack Lane as Alien, Blacksmith and Jake 
David Reed as Gregory, Uncle Paul, Lopez and Hotel Manager 
Richard Reed as the Captain, Mr McGuigan and Tony Swan 
Dan Starkey as Odd Colin, William and Richie   
Becky Wright as Jane and Harriet 

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