Where You From?

Fazer: “I feel like the justice system is still very dated, in that sense.”

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Episode notes

Cool, so I went totally off-script, okay? Because how could I not? This is a chat with Fazer - about music and where we’re at today - at a time of huge significance for this scene. I think it’s wicked in this chat how Fazer is so positive about the growth of UK music. Listen to his answer when I ask what he thinks about those who might be entering a scene for their own gain, without being personally invested: “It’s been happening since Elvis, mate.” Classic. And I get the vibe that this is because it’s all love. I feel like Fazer’s upbringing showed him that, while where we’re from is foundation and formative - it shouldn’t define what we can and can’t do - and where we can and can’t go in life, you know? Like, he’s seen and lived two sides of this - and that’s seen him manifest positivity. What are you manifesting after listening to this chat? Let me know - I’m @lilliealmond on Twitter and @almondsweetness on Insta. And we’d love you to leave us a review! Thanks for listening x