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Jaspreet Kaur: “Don’t feel you need to come closer to whiteness to be more accepted.”

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Episode notes

It feels like I forgot that Jaspreet was a guest in this conversation, because her words hit like those of a close friend. A lot of the things she talks about in this chat are things that my friends and I have spoken about for years. And, I’ve probably said it a lot by this stage, but so much of this chat is totally in keeping with the essence of this series! I’m really pained by the racism that Jaspreet unpacks from her school years - and much of it, especially that about appropriation, resonates deeply today. But listen to how Jaspreet speaks about the young people she works with. Listen to how she describes the way they won’t take all this bull. Remember, Lammy said he was inspired by young people today, too. It’s uplifting. Gosh, there are too many moments in the chat where I’m slapping my thigh because Jaspreet hits the nail on the head so poignantly. But - I’ll hold off on spoiler alerts and leave this conversation with you, your ears and your mind. One of Jaspreet’s final questions to me is, “What is meaningful change?” What do you think? Let me know: I’m @lilliealmond on Twitter and @almondsweetness on Insta. Thanks for listening.