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Patrick Hutchinson: “We need to be the change we wanna see in the world.”

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Episode notes

Patrick Hutchinson flew into the world’s spotlight without meaning to. He wants to see change - but he isn’t going to spend time worrying about this. He is instead taking action. The murder of George Floyd sparked reactions all over the world. Patrick speaks in this conversation about these reactions - and about what happened at the demo where he was photographed carrying a counter-protestor over his shoulder to safety. He talks with me about the instinct and empathy that were woven into this moment, which captured the attention of people far and wide. We learn in this chat how Patrick has brought this instinct and empathy into the work he’s building on for the future. He really highlights the poignancy of education, early years and learning - when it comes to understanding in the future. And that’s something we’ve heard consistently through this series. That protest where that now-infamous photo of Patrick was taken - it feels like so long ago. Have things changed? Have we kept the momentum? Drop me a line and let me know what you think: I’m @lilliealmond on Twitter and @almondsweetness on Insta. Thanks for listening.