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Nish Kumar - "If we’re part of the conversation, what are we actually saying?"

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Episode notes

A chat which I absolutely ADORE and am deeply pained by at the same time. Because I’m worried that many DO still expect us to be grateful for a seat at the table. Grateful to have our voices heard - but not listened to. Grateful to work for free or the bare minimum, grateful to be exploited. Truly, this chat does mean the world to me. Nish Kumar speaks on a level about protest, appropriation, the relationship between Asian stand-up and stand-up by Black comedians - and something I was forgiven for asking about: what the deal was with The Mash Report getting cancelled. Today, we are in a space where we can reflect on what was and wasn’t progress - but are people doing this? Are we learning lessons and fixing things - or is society just pretending it cares. Either way, I hope the outcome is at least nearly as entertaining as some parts of this bittersweet chat with Nish. The landlady cat Zambia says the conversation is pretty dope, so you know it’s gonna be high quality in your ears. As always, I’d love to hear from you. Share this episode with your friends and say hi to me: I’m @lilliealmond on Twitter and @almondsweetness on Insta. And if it is as doom and gloom as this blurb… well, I’ll get back to you on that. Lils x