Where You From?

Benjamin Alexander: “The Producer walked over to me and said, ‘You’re not Jamaican.’”

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Episode notes

This conversation carries threads that are not in the rest of this series. Notably, Benjamin touches on the evolving meaning of, “Where you from?” That is, he explores the idea of our cultural influences - and as to if they could in some ways be more topical than our heritage. And that’s an immeasurably poignant question. Many of us are quite attached to our upbringing, so have an instinctive response - but then I have also been really shaped by my time living in different countries, so I do feel Benjamin’s forward thinking perspective. Can you hear how this conversation hits different notes to others in the series? We carry the same themes of identity, what it means to us internally and to others when almost assessing us - but it carries some stand-out different ideas too. What stood out most to you? I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts - drop me a message on Insta, I’m @almondsweetness - or hit me up on Twitter, where I’m @lilliealmond. And thanks for listening to #whereyoufrompod. Definitely leave us a review x