Jayde Adams and steak with polenta mash

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Episode notes

Comedian Jayde Adams brings her West Country wit to Dish HQ this week. Dawn French calls her the ‘3rd funniest woman in the world’ and we know why. Her passion for acting, singing and comedy is rivalled only by her fondness for fodder. Jayde was nominated for best newcomer at the Edinburgh Fringe for her debut show (which is almost unheard of), won her first major acting role in 2021 on BBC 2’s ‘Alma’s Not Normal’ and is now on tour with the hilarious, ‘Men, I Can Save You’ - tickets can be found at

Jayde loves food more than people and as such got suitably moist around the eye at the prospect of Angela Hartnett cooking her a steak and polenta mash. Talk around the table turns to the cider renaissance, 7 course tasting menus and how Heston Blumenthal changed her mind on red wine.
Just so you know, our podcast might contain the occasional mild swear word or adult theme.
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We can’t all have a Michelin star chef in the kitchen, but you can ask Angela for help. Send your dilemmas to [email protected] and she’ll try to answer in a future episode.
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