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I’m Charis Santillie, and my name is derived from a Greek word meaning grace. I was born with ambition. My parents were entrepreneurs and I pushed myself to be high school valedictorian, class president, most artistic and most likely to succeed. 

The summer I turned 19, a hot air balloon accident left my father with a broken neck, me with a broken heart, and my mom coping through alcohol. 

My relentless ambition helped me become a successful entrepreneur, yet my own private paralysis and overachiever addiction ruled me. I finally ventured on a quest for my best life, I found the path of my inner peace, how to stay on it, and how to show the way for others.

Through my own courses and events, I now guide and help others let go of their limitations, the pressures and the traumas that have accumulated over the years. Every week, I'm going to share with you the lessons I've learned, the key takeaways from books I've read or listened to, and the teachings from mentors I've had.

This podcast is for you if you are tired of taking care of business before you take care of yourself, you want to move from busy to balanced, and you want to cherish every aspect of your life. 

Join me so you can Charis Your Life!


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