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Life Lessons from My Time as a Dancer

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Episode notes

I spent a lot of time at my dance studio during childhood—the Tri-Cities Academy of Ballet was like a second home to me and the owners/teachers, Joel & Debra Rogo, became an extended family, as did my fellow dancers. Many big life moments happened while I was at the studio, including the moment the First Gulf War began (while my brother was on the front lines as a sniper in the Marines) and the first time I asked someone out on a date. Today, I’m going to share five life lessons that I learned from my time as a dancer.

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Why it’s often best to mold something to fit you instead of molding yourself to fit it

  • How focus is a proactive behavior that can help you move from fear to freedom

  • Why loosening up and stretching (physically and emotionally) is beneficial

  • How balance is not static and requires constant realignment

  • How the real purpose is not to get to a certain place, but to enjoy each step

These are just five of the many powerful life lessons I learned from being a dancer. Whether or not you have ever danced, you can apply these teachings to your own life so that you can live a life with more freedom, ease, and joy. 


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