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Think of Your Age as Levels

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Episode notes

In this episode, I talk about the immense pressure we put on ourselves based on our age, plus the expectations society imposes on us. Many of us have regrets, guilt, and self-criticism connected with our age. 

However, there's a fresh perspective that can liberate us. I was recently introduced to the concept of considering age as levels rather than ‘years old.’ Drawing inspiration from video games, I cover how we can choose our experiences and progress to higher levels in life. This reframe can help shed the heavy weight associated with age and allow us to embrace a more empowering and enjoyable journey.

What You’ll Learn:

- The impact of societal expectations and personal judgments tied to age

- Embracing the idea of age as levels for a more empowering mindset around aging

- The analogy of life as a video game

- Overcoming patterned, negative thoughts about aging through a playful and lighthearted approach

We’ve heard the phrase “age is just a number;” what if you now view it as an opportunity to level up and embrace new experiences, like we would in a game? 


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