Charis Your Life with Charis Santillie

Life Lessons from Drawing and Painting (for non-artists too)

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Episode notes

Whether or not you consider yourself artistic or creative, I guarantee you’ll get something out of this episode. One of my hobbies as a child was drawing, and of my more recent hobbies is painting. 


What You’ll Learn:

- How this episode is in honor of my artistic Mom, who would have turned 73 last week

- What Brené Brown said about creativity

- How creativity has been scientifically proven to be connected to the right side of the brain

- 9 lessons I’ve learned from drawing and painting that can be applied to life

I hope you embrace one or more of these lessons in your own life! 



- Go take a look at fun photos of some drawings and paintings by me, as well as a few by my Mom:

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