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28th Anniversary of the Hot Air Balloon Accident

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Episode notes

Today is the 28th anniversary of my family's hot air balloon accident. In this episode, I share with you some details about that day, the aftermath, and a few reflections I have on it. I also share three gifts I’ve been able to find in that experience. 

What You’ll Learn: 

- What happened the night before my Dad’s 50th birthday 

- What the consequences of the hot air balloon accident were

- How I reacted to the event and what my coping mechanism was

- How this experience led me to an unhealthy pattern of behaviors in my life

- The three gifts I found that came from this tragedy 

Here I am, 28 years later, as a coach and mentor, because of what my family went through and the path it took me on. I am now using my experiences to help others heal from their own traumas that have pushed them into unhealthy coping mechanisms of becoming busy worker bees at the expense of their health and happiness. And every time I share, every time I teach and coach, another piece of me heals in that process.


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