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Leap of Faith: I went Skydiving 1 Year after Hot Air Balloon Accident

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Episode notes

Today, I am sharing a special memory connected to overcoming fears and trauma. I went skydiving with my husband Don when we were dating in 1995, barely a year after my family’s tragic hot air balloon accident. That may sound crazy, and yet it was one of the most amazing things I've ever done.

I’ve kept journals sporadically throughout my life, and just a few days ago, I happened across an entry I wrote right after we jumped out of the plane. During today’s episode, I read that for the first time in 27 years, plus I share some additional story snippets.

Here’s one excerpt from my journal: “I've gained a little more peace with myself. It's so confusing and frustrating to try to decide when, where, and how to take risks.”


What You’ll Learn:

- How I initially went along for the ride, not intending to jump

- Why I decided to jump out of a plane by myself

- How I felt as I climbed out to the plane’s wing arm and let go

- My parents’ reaction when they found out

I wanted to share this story to show what's possible. I hope that it will give you a little drop of courage to help you overcome a piece of your past in some way.



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