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Be the CEO of Your Life...Chief Emotional Officer

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Episode notes

The day I’m recording this episode is my late mother's 74th birthday. During the recording, you’ll hear me decide, right as I’m talking to you, that I want to change my language around her passing and choose to shift the narrative from "losing" her to saying she “moved on.” Words have tremendous power, and you’ll hear me practice what I teach as I decide to reframe something that didn’t feel supportive to me.

You’ll also hear me explore the emotional challenges that business owners face when they exit their businesses, and the significance of each of us embracing (sooner than later) a CEO role in our lives…the role of the Chief Emotional Officer.

What You’ll Learn:

- The profound impact of reframing our words to reshape our emotional experiences positively

- Insights into the emotional struggles that business owners commonly encounter as they exit their business, including the misconception of retirement as a seamless transition

- The concept of adopting the role of Chief Emotional Officer in our lives and the central role of emotions in achieving balance and fulfillment

- How a coach can serve as a supportive guide through the emotional landscape, facilitating transformative growth

Discover the intrinsic connection between our feelings, desires, actions, and decisions, as I highlight the pivotal role emotions play in our lives.


- Go here to see the fun photo I describe during the episode, of my Mom laughing, surrounded by bags and boxes of Pasta Mama’s pasta (she was Pasta Mama!) This photo captures how much she loved that business. 

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