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Your Thoughts vs The Truth

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Episode notes

In this episode, I reflect on some old hand-written notes I found from a few years ago when I was going through a phase of busyness and feeling out of touch with my emotions. You may be able to relate to them. 

Things like…

I work too much.

I can’t sit still.

I must be perfect.

(to name a few)

I challenged those thoughts by exploring the truth which were things like…

I have created amazing things due to my drive and passion.

I choose to believe I can find my stillness.

I choose connection over perfection.

(to name a few)

Most of our daily thoughts are not true, yet we often let them run our lives as if they are facts. Personal growth is an ongoing process with many messy transitions. Despite moments of self-doubt, I can now acknowledge the significant changes I’ve made in controlling my thoughts and emotions, instead of letting them control me.

What You’ll Learn:

- The rest of the frustrating thoughts and liberating truths that I found in my old notes

- The power of challenging sabotaging thoughts and replacing them with the truth

- Embracing personal growth and acknowledging the positive changes in yourself

- Understanding that personal transformation is an ongoing process with messy transitions


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