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Year in Review, Predictions Ahead, and Allie Mac!

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Episode notes

We’re back for Season 2!

Buzz and Corrine talk “best of the year” 2022 and run through their 2023 predictions.

Corrine predicts an increase in tibial stress reactions (due to carbon shoe proliferation) and Buzz admits that he’s run FKTs in shoes he bought at K-Mart!

Corrine interviews Allie “Mac” McLaughlin about her amazing 2022 race season. And they discuss her 1-year-old best friend, how injury episodes have allowed her to grow in other ways, and what’s next for the extreme athlete. We wrote about Allie in September in a piece titled “Sprinting down and flying above the world’s biggest mountains.”

Then, Buzz drops the hard truth on our caller, Nick, who wants to PR in the marathon after running his first 100-miler. 

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