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The game-changing program revolutionising female participation in sport

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Episode notes

It’s a sad reality that gender bias in sports leads young girls brimming with skill and potential to quit by the time they reach High School. Tackling the problem head on, the world-first Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered program equips fathers and their girls with the emotional and physical skills to identify inequities, be brave and succeed in sports. Founder of the program, Professor Phil Morgan tells host Shahni Wellington how the Activation Relationship led by fathers, lies at the core of the program’s success. We also meet father and daughter facilitators Ellie and Brad who embody the programs three main pillars: persistence, resilience, and bravery. Plus, Dr. Emily Freeman sheds light on the significance of rough and tumble play in enhancing working memory and reveals why strong parent-child relationships play a critical role in the development of young women.

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