The Minds Changing Lives

Can cultural insight and the neuroscience of trauma change the conversation around young people's use of violence?

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Episode notes

Despite the increase in public awareness around young people's use of violence, many community youth programs fail to address the issue at its core. The Name. Narrate. Navigate program (Triple N) is the first of it's kind, harnessing the neuroscience of trauma and Aboriginal knowledge and practices to understand and address the context that's led young people to use violence – putting all the young people who come through the program at the center of their own narratives. Founder of the program, Associate Professor Dr Tamara Blakemore, tells host Shahni Wellington of the program's beginning and the innovative activities grounded in dialectical behaviour therapy, mindfulness and creative methodologies. Aunty Elsie Randall, Triple N's Aboriginal Practice Lead, shares the importance of embedding Aboriginal ways of knowing and doing into youth programs with all young people who use and experience violence - the cornerstone of the Triple N program. We also meet Triple N's Program manager, Louise Rak, whose PhD examining the experiences of young women in the program has shed light on the often-unspoken realities that drive young women toward violence. Plus, we meet Daniel Ebbin, Program Brand Lead, who emphasises the critical significance of training service providers in trauma-informed, culturally sensitive care—a commitment that the Triple N program wholeheartedly embraces.

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