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The pioneers prolonging premature goodbyes: advancing gynaecological cancer research and innovation

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Every year, more than 1000 Australian women lose their lives to ovarian cancer, and countless others receive the devastating diagnosis of endometrial cancer. Professor Pradeep Tanwar, Director of the Global Centre for Gynaecological Diseases, is at the forefront of raising awareness and making significant strides in this field. In a conversation with host Shahni Wellington, he shares exciting developments concerning innovative blood tests capable of detecting ovarian and endometrial cancers at a time when they’re still highly treatable. Dr Rachel O'Sullivan also provides valuable insights into these diseases and their associated risk factors of which Pradeep and his team have recently made some breakthrough discoveries. We’re also joined by Brian Schofield, who tragically lost his beloved wife Nola to ovarian cancer. He is now dedicated to preventing other families from enduring the same unbearable loss and advocates for improved detection methods, such as those pioneered by Pradeep and his team.

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