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The research making sure no child gets left behind

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Every year, 1800 students from refugee backgrounds step into a NSW school for the first time; many carrying unimaginable traumas. Educators worldwide have faced the challenge of not only accommodating these students but also helping them flourish – until now. In a compelling conversation with host Shahni Wellington, Professor Scott Imig presents his ground-breaking research, offering educators a toolkit to create spaces of wellbeing and belonging. Razia, a University of Newcastle graduate, shares her harrowing journey fleeing a war-torn country, and we also hear from Cav, a dedicated medicine student, about what the Australian schooling experience is like for a newly-arrived student. We also meet Principal of Jesmond Public School Deborah Kelly, who embodies the research’s findings and whose commitment to  supporting families with refugee backgrounds has seen hundreds of these students thrive. 


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