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The resilience-building research and tech set to turn the tide on drought

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Drought in Australia presents a multifaceted challenge shaped by a diverse interplay of climatic, geographical, meteorological, and societal factors. According to Associate Professor Anthony Kiem, Hydroclimatologist and Director of the Centre for Water, Climate and Land, it needs a multifaceted solution too. Talking to host Shahni Wellington, Anthony discusses the Employability and Wellbeing Toolkit the Centre is developing with the University of Southern Queensland as part of the Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales (SQNNSW) Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub. Dr. Emma Austin further explores the links between employability and wellbeing, shedding light on the toolkit's co-designed approach to enhance mental resilience and diversify income during drought. Dr. Priscilla Tremain, a Chemical Engineer from the University of Newcastle's Priority Research Centre for Frontier Energy Technologies and Utilisation, breaks down the science behind the Hydro Harvester, a technology capable of generating clean, safe drinking water from the atmosphere. Plus, Southern Downs Regional Councillor Cynthia McDonald shares the sobering reality of drought in regional communities and emphasises the critical need for holistic, community-driven solutions to address this pervasive problem.

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