An interview with Michael Kealy!

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Episode notes

On this episode of Éirevision, Conor and Lou are joined in the Podcast Studios by the Irish head of delegation and RTÉ executive producer, Michael Kealy.

Following on from his in-depth interview with Éirevision last December, Kealy is back to chat all things Eurovision and where exactly Ireland lies within the contest. We kick things off where we left things last year: Eurosong 2023. We learn about how Public Image Ltd and John Lydon came to be involved in Eurosong and why he continued to take part despite bashing the contest publicly. After failing to make the final yet again, we ask Kealy his thoughts on why we are failing at Eurovision.

Of course, the headlines during the summer months all evolved around the state of RTÉ and its finances. We ask Kealy about its impact on Eurovision and if a standalone national final is on the cards in the future. The lack of a social media presence, exploding cakes, artists tweets, and what's to come in 2024 are just some of the other topics discussed! Be sure to sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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