Our chat with Julian Vignoles + Eurovision 2024 Updates!

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Episode notes

On this episode of Éirevision, Conor and Lou are joined by Julian Vignoles. Julian was known as Mr.Eurovision within RTÉ as he served as the Irish Head of Delegation from 2005 until 2012. He was also a member of the Eurovision Reference Group for four years.

His time as head of delegation came at a very turbulent period for Ireland at the contest and Eurovision itself. He oversaw many changes to Ireland's selection process and many changes to the contest with the introduction of semi-finals, the re-introduction of juries, and penalties for certain countries after rule breaks. Julian shares many fascinating stories with us, including his talks with the late Sinéad O'Connor to take part for Ireland in 2010. We also chat to Julian about his thoughts on Ireland's current position within Eurovision and what changes he would like to see in order to improve results going forward.

We would also highly encourage you to read Julian's book entitled "Inside the Eurovision Song Contest". It is a fascinating read!

Also in this episode, we take a look at what's been happening in the Eurovision world since we last spoke to you. From Eurobash, Loreen and Käärijä in Dublin, and tickets going on sale for Eurovision 2024 - it's been a busy few weeks! it's a jam packed episode so sit back and enjoy.

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