It's Bambie Thug for Ireland - Our Eurosong 2024 debrief!

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Episode notes

Ireland has spoken. Bambie Thug will represent the Emerald Isle with their song, 'Doomsday Blue' after they won Eurosong 2024. In this episode, Conor and Lou look back on Eurosong 2024 and digest every song, the results, overall show, and hopes for Malmö.

Friday night's Late Late Show saw six artists battle it out for the ticket to represent Ireland at Eurovision 2024: Erica Cody - 'Love Me Like I Do', Ailsha - 'Go Tobann', YJellowL and Toshín - 'JUDAS', Isabella Kearney - 'Let Me Be The Fire', Bambie Thug - 'Doomsday Blue', and Next in Line - 'Love Like Us'. 

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