Ireland: What should we do next? - Part 1

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Episode notes

In this special two-part season finale, we're looking towards the future and sharing our thoughts on this question: What should Ireland do next? With Ireland's record of seven wins now equalled by Sweden and another 'failed to qualify' sticker added to our record, the movement for change is well under way. With the national media now joining the conversation and asking the question about Ireland's position within the Eurovision Song Contest, it seems the nation really want to see Ireland's fortunes change. Across this two-part episode, we want to share our opinions on what Ireland should/needs to do going forward. Without being critical, we're aiming to have a healthy discussion and look ahead. We'll be discussing everything from national final versus internal selection, budget, innovation, and social media/online engagement. In our first part, Conor and Lou will be sharing their opinions about what Ireland should do. Also, they'll be reading (and hearing!) some of the listeners suggestions too!

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