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Molly Maloof: Optimize Mitochondrial Health To Boost Energy, Immunity & Stress Response | Episode 15

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Episode notes

How important is mitochondrial function in increasing energy? Is intermittent fasting different for men and women? Is metabolic health being overlooked in the USA? In this episode, Dr. Molly Maloof and Joe discuss how important it is to focus on your mitochondrial health, and Molly gives her TOP suggestions to condition your mitochondria for optimal energy and health!

Molly talks about the epidemic that is metabolic diseases, and discusses the best way to structure your exercise schedule as a woman.

They also discuss the significance of continuous glucose monitors, what it means to have good lab levels, and specific biohacks to improve HRV.

Dr. Molly Maloof’s book THE SPARK FACTOR: The Secret To Supercharging Energy, Becoming Resilient, and Feeling Better Than Ever is on sale January 31st!

As a physician and Stanford lecturer, Dr. Molly Maloof has spent her career providing personalized medicine services to high-performing technology executives, billionaire investors, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, and Academy Award-winning actors.

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(0:00) - Introduction

(3:38) - Molly's daily routine & sleep schedule

(13:14) - Molly's supplement stack

(16:52) - Controversy surrounding IV NADs

(21:08) - Optimizing mitochondrial health

(29:51) - Oxytocin & human connection

(38:19) - Intermittent Fasting

(47:45) - CGMs and Hba1c

(1:01:14) - Optimizing exercise based on the menstrual cycle

(1:13:06) - What does it mean to have good lab levels?

(1:19:24) - The epidemic of metabolic diseases

(1:23:39) - Thoughts on psychedelics

(1:26:32) - Thoughts on Ketamine

(1:32:38) - Organic acids testing

(1:36:02) - Does Molly take Nootropics?