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Dr. Carrie Jones: How To Optimize Your Hormone Health For Mental Health & Energy

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Episode notes

What supplements should I take to improve my hormones? Is there an optimal balance of estrogen and progesterone? Is prolactin an important hormone for men?

Hormones are an extremely important part of optimizing your health, but the majority of people have no idea just how much of an impact they have on… well, everything.

An estimated 30% of women experience hormone imbalances, which can cause mental health issues, weight issues, fertility, and much more.

That is an absolutely insane number!

So, I brought on Dr. Carrie Jones for this podcast to discuss all things hormone health and the growing studies that are helping put the spotlight on this important health area.

In this episode, Carrie shares the best thing you can do to optimize your hormones (in her words: it’s not that sexy), and we dive into detail on the relationship between estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, cortisol, and more. We also discuss how these are important hormones to keep track of for men.

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(0:00) - Introduction

(1:31) - The difference between men and women

(3:16) - How hormone cycle effects training

(9:00) - Immune system and estrogen

(12:41) - Estrogen and sleep

(21:06) - Blood tests for hormones

(30:31) - Cortisol, stress, and hormones

(37:14) - Dopamine and prolactin

(46:53) - How to optimize your hormones

(51:30) - The best way to check your labs