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Richard Miller: The Science Behind Longevity & How To Increase Lifespan | Episode 13

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Episode notes

How far along is the science of longevity, and are there already proven methods that can increase your lifespan? In this episode, Richard Miller and Joe discuss the massive strides that are happening in the longevity space, and Richard shares the six compounds that have very promising research backing their benefit in improving life expectancy!

Richard talks about the problem with certain scientific studies and gives his thoughts on the controversial calorie restriction & longevity debate.

They talk about all kinds of drugs, including rapamycin, acarbose, reservatrol, and more, and discuss the one OTC supplement that has positive effects on lifespan!

Richard Miler is a Professor of Pathology at the University of Michigan, and Director of the Michigan Glenn Center on Aging. He got his MD and PhD at Yale, did postdoctoral work at Harvard and Sloan-Kettering, and was on the faculty at Boston University until his move to Michigan in 1990.

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