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Edward Stourton, BBC presenter and former foreign correspondent discusses journalism and religion

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Edward Stourton has worked in broadcasting for more than forty years, and has been a foreign correspondent for the BBC, ITN and Channel Four. He was a one of the main presenters of Radio 4’s Today programme for ten years and still regularly presents The World at One, The World this Weekend and Analysis. He’s also been the main presenter of Sunday – the radio 4 programme which looks at the religious and ethical issues of the week. He's recently written a book about it with his producer Amanda Hancox which we discuss as well as another very personal book Ed has published this year called 'Confessions:Life Re-examined'.

“I am endlessly impressed by the young people I work with, because it seems to me, they've got absolutely the sort of hunger and curiosity and healthy scepticism and love of the job that I like to think I and my mates had when we were all starting off all those years ago. And they don't dismiss things, they ask. They want to know about Hamas, they want to know about what most of us would consider its distorted religious inspiration.”

“I think I'm just so soaked in Catholicism, that it's just me and trying to drag it out of me would be a hideously painful process. So, I just think it's easier to acquiesce is my sort of my watchword, just give in and believe - it's just easier. And it's helpful, I think it does provide you with a structure and approach to life.”

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