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David Lloyd co-founder of Boom Radio and local radio expert discusses changes in BBC local radio and Ofcom's oversight of them

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In the week the BBC announced that it's preparing to launch new spin-off digital radio stations for Radios 1, 2, and 3 to provide more choice to audiences underserved by the BBC, we're talking to the co-founder of Boom Radio - a station that emerged to fill the gap left by Radio 2. David Lloyd, who has worked in radio for over 40 years, from LBC to Virgin to BBC local radio, and has regulatory experience from his years at the UK Radio Authority (now part of Ofcom), discusses changes in local radio and Ofcom’s oversight of them.

"The regulator, in changing the BBC’s operating licence, is required to seek the views of as many people as you can. ... if you look at the number of people who replied, it is paltry, the number of individuals is a handful, the number of people who mentioned BBC local radio is two or three."

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