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Michael Crick, broadcaster and author on GB News, Nigel Farage, impartiality, Newsnight and his career

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It was once aid that the five most terrifying words in the political lexicon were “Michael Crick is in reception”. Michael has worked extensively across the main public service broadcasters – starting at ITV. He then moved to Channel 4 becoming political correspondent and Washington Correspondent. He joined the BBC as a reporter at Panorama and eventually became political editor of Newsnight before returning to Channel 4 News as political correspondent. He has now stood back from daily journalism to concentrate on writing and commentating. We discuss being kicked off GB News, impartiality in public service broadcasting, Newsnight, Nigel Farage and we reflect on his extensive career.

“It spends too much of its time, I would argue, dealing with questions of race and gender and trans rights. And if you will just listen to Radio 4, you would think that the number of ethnic minorities in this country were say, half the population and I think there's a liberal left leaning amongst the makers of BBC Radio 4.”

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