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Greg Childs, former BBC executive producer on the crisis in children's programming, the importance of public service content and solutions

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Greg Childs worked for over 25 years at the BBC, mainly as a director, producer and executive producer of children’s programmes. He created the first Children’s BBC websites and, as Head of Children’s Digital, developed and launched the children’s channels, CBBC and CBeebies. Greg left the BBC in 2004 and worked across other broadcasters. He's now Director of The Children’s Media Foundation and Editorial Director of the Children’s Media Conference. We discuss the crisis in children’s TV programming, it's decline in UK media, the importance of it, funding and the regulation of tech giants.


"ITV have admitted to us that when they took the decision to shut down CITV channel and move it all online, they were getting programme viewing figures of around 4000 children per programme."


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