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Turn your adversity into your advantage with Sandra Gonzalez

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Episode notes

If your self doubt and perfectionism is taking over your life and business, this episode is for you. You are going to love this heartfelt episode with Bombshell Sandra Gonzalez because she is going to show you how to turn your adversity into your advantage and cultivate a warrior’s mindset. 

Episode 024: Turn your adversity into your advantage with Sandra Gonzalez 

Sandra is a Retired Marine Officer turned High Performance Coach and Speaker who helps successful, high caliber entrepreneurs elevate their mindset so they can TAKE COMMAND of any room they step into and magnetize opportunities for growth and impact. 

In this episode, we talk all about: 

  • The similarities between successful leaders in the military and successful entrepreneurs 
  • Behind the scenes of her 20 years serving in the military 
  • The biggest lessons she learned from the heartbreak of losing her Dad
  • How she took her adversity and turned it into her advantage 
  • Following your heart which calls vs the ego which claws
  • The power of prayer in her life 
  • What it means to have a warrior’s mindset
  • How she defines sexy confidence 
  • How perfectionism served her while she was in the military but did not work in her business
  •  Letting go of her inner bully and giving herself compassion and grace 
  • Why making your bed everyday is a step of self discipline that will help you in business
  • A special opportunity to talk to Sandra and have an inner critic assessment 

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