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Powering up the Indian workforce

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Episode notes

On the 8th of February 2023, Velocity is hosting an exclusive online event with India's leading IT Services organizations.

In today's pod, Ollie Henderson explains why we're hosting the event and why it matters.

If you join us, you will:

  1. Learn how the Internet of Careers® can improve the speed of talent acquisition and onboarding, reduce costs and improve candidate experience. ​
  2. Learn how the Internet of Careers® can reduce cost and risk of privacy compliance.​
  3. Learn how the Internet of Careers® can reduce cost and friction associated with IT services resource allocation. ​
  4. Learn how the Internet of Careers® provides access to a more diverse talent pool and drives equitable skills-based hiring.​
  5. Opt in for  global career and education data interoperability.​
  6. Hear from leading workforce-tech vendors operating in India on how they have embedded the Internet of Careers® into their products.​
  7. Learn how the Internet of Careers® empowers the individual by giving them control over their own career records.​
  8. Lean in, together with the leading employers in the Indian IT industry, to power up the region’s workforce.  ​

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