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What We've Become with Jonathan M. Metzl

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Title: What We’ve Become with Jonathan M. Metzl 

Every single day we are seeing unbearable atrocities across the world and we have a front row seat to them through our phones and the media. When you add this to the cultural tensions and division being driven in our society, how does our psyche adapt? 

Today Niall is joined by Jonathan M.Metzl, a psychiatrist and sociologist who has done immense work in researching and writing about gun violence and race in America. Jonathan’s unique lens casts a wider view of how the modern world is polluted with power and vested interests, and why that can leave us feeling hopeless as humans. Jonathan explains the historical and modern place of gun politics in the U.S. and how being exposed to constant tragedy desensitises us and dehumanises victims. Niall and Jonathan ask the big question that is also the title of Jonathan’s latest book, ‘What We’ve Become’ and share their own fears and hopes for the future of humanity. 

This episode discusses some difficult subjects, please take care when listening. 

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