Where There's A Will, There's A Wake

Shrink the Box rises from the dead for a second season

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Episode notes

Deathlings – let me tell you about ‘Shrink the Box’ – it’s a dead good podcast where big acting God Ben Bailey Smith and Goddess psychotherapist Nemone Metaxas put their favourite fictional characters, such as Tommy from Peaky Blinders and Sydney from The Bear on the therapist’s coffin throne couch. They analyse why their behaviour causes them so much drama. Think of it like them being judged at the pearly gates – but only on a sofa and for all of us to hear. Such fun! 


Nemone and Ben explore why these characters make certain decisions, what would happen if they made different ones and how you can avoid going to hell from their mistakes. The perfect combination of psychology, self-help and the best TV since the death of the DVD box-set. Listen Now. 

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