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#6 Selling on Instagram Made Simple: How Anyone Can Do it | with Veronique Prins

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Want to sell more via Instagram? ✅ In this episode, Veronique Prins and I share our experiences and best tips about selling on Instagram - and how anyone can do it. We share our insights on building a strong relationship with your followers, being relatable, the power of documenting your journey and overcoming fear of sharing. We discuss the power of stepping out of your comfort zone and share actionable strategies for keeping your audience engaged, including my "rule of three". If you want to get tips and tricks for mastering the art of selling on Instagram, this episode is for you. What's your experience with selling on Instagram? Let me know which tip from the episode you're most excited to try and tag me on Instagram!

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00:00 - Introduction. 05:05 - Selling via Instagram: how you can document your journey and build a trusting relationship with your followers to make selling fun. 08:10 - Overcoming Fear of Sharing: how even the simplest things like drinking coffee can inspire others and how being relatable is key to building your audience. 08:50 - Selling Strategies on Instagram: why it's not about the number of followers you have but how you convert them into sales and how curating your followers can help you grow. 13:10 - Anyone Can Sell on Instagram: why age is just a number and how stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to massive success on Instagram. 14:50 - Creating Your Online Persona: even if that differs from your real-life self and how this can help you grow your audience.

17:50 - Sales Strategy for Selling a Course: the big difference that documenting your journey, adding reviews, and promoting your course subtly can make in your sales strategy. 19:50 - Cultural Differences in Selling: how to sell with integrity and how being transparent about your prices can attract the right audience on Instagram. 24:40 - The Power of Numbers: to showcase your success on Instagram and build credibility. 26:25 - Tips for Low Engagement Accounts: to share your success without big numbers and why short-form videos like reels and TikTok are key to growing your account. 29:05 - Biggest Mistakes on Instagram: why explaining what you do and mentioning the price of your offer is crucial for making sales on Instagram and why being predictable can hurt your growth. 31:55 - Never Sacrifice Your Integrity: staying true to your values as the key to building a successful brand and why honesty is always the best policy on Instagram. 34:10 - Keep your audience engaged with my Rule of Three. 36:06 - Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: as the secret to success on Instagram. 38:00 - Keeping Your Audience Engaged: on Instagram and how adding "infotainment" can make all the difference in your sales strategy. 40:15 - Overcoming Your Ego: to build a relatable, vulnerable brand that connects with your audience on a personal level. 44:25 - Strategic Tracking of Your Numbers: and staying true to yourself. 46:45 - Entertainment Sells and why people love buying from successful people.

48:35 - Success Tips from an Introvert: how vulnerability, relatability, and openness can help you build a successful brand on Instagram and why doing your research is crucial to your success. 52:45 - The Power of Keeping Your Dreams to Yourself: and why getting feedback doesn't always mean you have to listen. 58:45 - Doing It Your Way.