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#5 Overcoming My Gym-phobia: The 10 Things That Helped Me Love the Gym

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Episode notes

👉 In this podcast, I share my personal fitness journey from being a gym-hater to loving the gym and the 10 steps that changed everything. Through hiring a personal trainer, setting boundaries, and shifting my mindset, I overcame my negative mindset and discovered a new love for fitness. Did you ever hate the gym? What's one thing that helped you get more active? Tell me on Instagram & tag me! 🔥 RESOURCES I CREATED FOR YOU ⬇️ Are you a starting entrepreneur and do you want to create your own online course? ⚡️💻 Grab your free online course starter kit: https://celinecharlotte.lpages.co/freestarterskit/ SAY HI ON SOCIAL: - Watch my vlogs on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/celinecharlotte/ - Get to know me: https://celinecharlotte.com Timestamps for this episode: 00:00 Introduction 00:20 My childhood and teenage years: how I used to hate the gym 02:23 My eating disorder and unhealthy relationship with fitness 04:10 How moving to the US made me realize I needed to change something. 06:58 Me a year later: from hating the gym to loving it. Here's what helped me. 07:34 Why my personal trainer called me a "noodle". 09:27 Why a personal trainer and setting boundaries were a game-changer to me. 11:19 Don't focus on the result: my mindset shift. 12:40 Facing my arrogance and shadow side to transform my gym experience. 14:39 The athletic mindset: the power of positive self-talk and acting like an athletic person. 16:51 The realization that there are multiple ways to get fit. 19:10 The impact of being more fit 20:46 Don't overdo it: why homework didn't work for me. 22:17 Looking back: I can't imagine myself not being fit and athletic. 22:54: Final thoughts and how you can start your own fitness journey too.