A Very British Cult

7. Us and Them

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Episode notes

The people inside cults aren’t the only ones whose lives are transformed. There’s also the family members and friends, who are left behind. When Jeff left Lighthouse, he quickly found there was a whole community with loved ones still part of the organisation. Catrin meets a father who says it feels like his daughter is dead. Meanwhile there is an unexpected twist. There’s been another investigation, in secret, and parallel to ours. What happens when a life coach takes over your life? Catrin Nye and her team expose control, intimidation and fear at a sinister life coaching company. Reporter: Catrin Nye Written by: Jamie Bartlett and Catrin Nye Producers: Osman Iqbal, Natalie Truswell, Ed Main and Jo Adnitt Researcher: Aisha Doherty Executive Producer: Ravin Sampat Sound Mixing: James Bradshaw Original Music by: Phil Channell Commissioner: Rhian Roberts