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STORY OF JOY: Start your story with creative coach Nicola McDonald

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When did you last experience joy? Were you with others? Alone? Did you feel it in your stomach? Your chest? Did you laugh out loud? And have you ever thought about capturing that moment through creative writing?

In episode one of Right Here Write now, you’ll hear how a trip to Australia and a chicken called Missy created a surprising moment of joy for host Nicola McDonald.
Listen as she recounts her experience, then work through the prompts to explore joy through your own creative writing.


Over six monthly episodes Right Time Write Now encourages you to explore writing to reveal the joy of being human. Write 1250 words after each episode and complete your own story, novelette length by the time the series ends.
Nicola McDonald is a creative coach and author of “Plain Janey” and “In Search of the Christmas Spirit”.

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