We Can Be Weirdos

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Prepare to plunge into the peculiar as Dan Schreiber, professional fact-hunter, uncovers the wild beliefs, ideas and theories of some of the most remarkable people on planet earth. 

As well as delving into the lives of truly fascinating people, Dan asks his guests a maverick tour of questions known as The Batshit Survey. Do they believe in Ghosts? Déjà vu? Telepathy? Premonitions? Déjà vu? 

Either way, everyone has theories they are transfixed by, or a mystery in their own life that they’re trying to solve. Dan leaves no rock unturned – and he’ll share plenty of his own mind-blowing facts and theories too.

Bonus episodes, ‘The Rough Corner’, hear from YOU – your wild ideas, odd theories and unexplainable experiences.

Let’s create a global community of likeminded weirdos!

Expect new episodes every Wednesday. Bonus episodes land on Monday. 

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