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Feng Shui Expert Alejandra Brady on What Clutter Does to Us Energetically, and How Feng Shui Helps Us With Our Purpose and Path

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Episode notes

Today on the show I'm talking with Alejandra Brady. Alejandra is a feng shui expert, interior designer, biophilic designer, author, and a certified crystal healer.

As you’ll hear in this conversation, Alejandra had her spiritual awakening at age 50 – and it has had a huge impact on her career. As she says, being spiritual doesn’t mean you can’t be a successful business person. They can go hand-in-hand.

In this episode, we talk all about feng Shui. As Alejandra describes, feng shui is a practice to work with the energy that is already all around you.

You will get so much out of this conversation, whether you’re already familiar with feng shui, or just starting to work with it.

~ Laurie


  • How Alejandra cultivates and honors her spiritual life on a daily basis.
  • How her spiritual life is connected to success in her career.
  • How feng shui allows us all to have greater connection and communion with ourselves, and help us with our purpose and path.
  • When we have clutter in our home, what it’s doing to us energetically.
  • Ideas on how to create a beautiful meditation space —mixing in some feng shui and design
  • When we want to connect with a feeling of light and lightness in our spaces, the feng shui ideas she suggests.
  • And the one thing she hopes people can embrace when it comes to feng shui.


Hold the Light podcast aims to support and guide lifelong learners and light holders in deepening their connection to personal and spiritual growth.


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