Sovereign States of Mind with Jordan Urbs

Mutual Credit Networks, Community Resilience, and Social Permaculture with Daniel Levy

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A transformative journey to personal and community sovereignty beckons as we dive deep into the fascinating world of self-reliance, interdependence, and empowerment. At the core of this exploration is the intriguing concept of the sovereign individual, an individual who not only is autonomous but also creates and sustains networks of support and trust within their communities. The resilient Big Island community in Hawaii is a stellar example of such a society. Despite the constant threat of natural disasters, the community thrives through fostering trust and interdependence. Their experiences reveal that acceptance of personal and community responsibility is integral to a sovereign mindset. By actively responding to calamities instead of waiting for external intervention, they have proven the importance of individual action in fostering community resilience. The conversation around sovereignty is not just confined to personal and community resilience. The discussion extends to economic empowerment, with a specific focus on Bitcoin and community currencies. Money is not merely a tool for trade, but it can also be a catalyst for collaboration and peace. The idea of money being localized, and government-issued currency being top-down oriented, is deliberated upon, revealing the need for currencies that align with a community's production capacity. A spotlight is shone on the innovative efforts of Villages IO in fostering local economic growth. However, this discussion also recognizes the potential of Bitcoin as a secure store of value and ponders if it is leaning towards a dystopian narrative. The impact of a Bitcoinized world on technological growth is considered, leading to questions about the implications of Bitcoin becoming the dominant currency. In a world where trust is abundant and social evolution can happen rapidly, the conversation moves to an exciting future. The power of trust in ourselves and the importance of developing relationships are discussed. This trust and collaboration extend beyond human interactions, hinting at a future where alien interactions may not be a figment of sci-fi imagination. A major takeaway from this journey to sovereignty is the importance of acknowledging one's power and responsibility. Sovereignty is not just about personal autonomy but also about fostering a resilient community through trust and interdependence. Economic empowerment is also integral to this narrative, as it can potentially act as a catalyst for peace and collaboration. Ultimately, the journey to sovereignty involves exploring trust, resilience, and collaboration in all aspects of life, be it personal, community, or even intergalactic.

Daniel Levy is Director at and an early adopter of Bitcoin. Explore starting your own local trust network at

Sovereign States of Mind explores the many principles of personal sovereignty and how they can be practiced both physically and digitally in our modern age. Join Jordan Urbs (and his family) on a journey to become more autonomous: homesteading, community-building, off-grid living, self-reliance, Bitcoin, parenting, fitness & movement, authentic relating, and practicing gratitude.


A Paradise Built In Hell

Non-Violent Communication

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Personal Sovereignty, Community Sovereignty, Resilience, Natural Disasters, Bitcoin, Community Currencies, Money, Collaboration, Peace, Credit, Hardware Wallet, Economic Dark Age, Gift Culture, Social Evolution, Alien Interactions


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