Sovereign States of Mind with Jordan Urbs

A Neutral Conversation About Bitcoin--Reality Versus Marketing--with Manu Butt

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Ever pondered about the roller coaster ride that Bitcoin has been on? The 2017 and 2021 bull runs? The original hacker scenes' thoughts on Bitcoin? Join us as we reminisce about our own rollercoaster experience with Bitcoin, from its discovery in 2013 to its potential as a world reserve currency. Beyond the basic Bitcoin narrative, we discuss the complex mechanics of receiving lightning funds and running a Bitcoin node.

Now, let's venture into the future of cryptocurrency and its potential to revolutionize online compensation. Imagine a world where every contribution, no matter how small, is valued and rewarded. That world is not far-fetched, with the rise of cryptocurrencies enabling everyone to earn money while providing value online. We also highlight the need to support other cryptocurrencies that are building a decentralized layer, governed by its holders. Listen in as we share our thoughts on the implications of government control over Bitcoin and the potential privacy concerns. Sit back and enjoy this rich conversation covering personal sovereignty, freedom, Bitcoin, and the future of cryptocurrency.

Having grown up in East Berlin, Emanuel has created one of the biggest German learning blogs on the web ( He first learned about Bitcoin in 2012 and uses it to accept cross-border payments on his website.

// CHAPTERS // 00:00 Intro

1:49 What is Sovereignty?

5:49 Family Narratives

14:39 Bitcoin Skepticism: What's real, what's marketing?

19:52 Many OG Berlin Bitcoiners have left the space

22:49 Lightning Network Centralization

26:49 Nation States Joining Bitcoin

31:04 CBDCs

32:16 Does inflationary currency stimulate innovation and economies?

38:51 Claiming sovereignty over your wealth with Bitcoin

41:22 The Cult of Bitcoiners

42:31 Existing tech apps steal value from us

45:33 Well-intentioned sh!tcoins, DAOS, and the technology for change

48:43 Will new Bitcoin layers replace cryptocurrencies?

52:15 El Salvador

56:17 Closing Thoughts

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