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Shaking the Foundations of the Beef Industry: Food Sovereignty, Bitcoin and Regenerative Ranching Practices with Texas Slim

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Ready to question everything you know about where your food comes from? Prepare to gain a new perspective on the beef industry as we sit down with our guest, Slim, a seasoned professional in the cattle industry. Slim brings a wealth of knowledge about the controversial practices of multinational corporations in the beef industry, and how such practices are impacting our health and stripping communities of their food sovereignty.

Together, we unearth the disturbing truths about the detrimental impact of the beef industry and unveil the empowering work of the Beef Initiative. The Beef Initiative is a groundbreaking organization that is redefining industry standards, creating a direct connection between consumers and ranchers. We also delve into the innovative use of Bitcoin within the beef industry, presenting a new peer-to-peer transaction method that sidesteps credit card companies and banks.

Finally, we contemplate the transformative power of personal sovereignty. Gaining control over our lives and food supply through opting out of the global supply chain system is within our reach. Slim shares invaluable insights on this journey towards food intelligence, revealing how digital tech can help us build bridges, share information, and, ultimately, reclaim our independence. This episode is not just about the beef industry; it's about awakening to the reality of our food system and taking back control. It's about personal sovereignty, and it starts with us. Tune in for a thoughtful exploration of these vital issues today.

Cattleman Texas Slim is a sixth-generation Texan and the original hippie punk cowboy. He is founder of the Beef Initiative, podcaster, and food intelligence advocate.

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00:00 Intro

03:08 Corruption of the beef and animal industries

08:22 Attacks on food sovereignty

13:45 How multinational corporations affect the quality of meat

18:38 What is regenerative ranching and why is it important?

26:26 Seed Oils

28:15 The Beef Initiative

34:56 Bitcoin and free market sovereignty amidst the threat of the state

47:11 Don't trust... verify.

53:11 Global networking for positive change

56:12 How to learn more


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Sovereign States of Mind explores the many principles of personal sovereignty and how they can be practiced. Join Jordan Urbs on a journey to reclaim authority over our lives, exploring homesteading, community-building, off-grid living, self-reliance, Bitcoin, parenting, fitness & movement, authentic relating, mindfulness, gratitude practices, and more.

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