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Bridging the Stars and Self through Vedic Astrology with Radha Home

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Join me on this intriguing journey into the world of Vedic Astrology with Radha Home. Listen in as we unravel the complexities of the fixed stars in the sidereal system, the Gregorian calendar, and the 24-degree difference between the tropical and sidereal calculations. We shed light on how Vedic astrology is a system that follows the stars while Western astrology is based on the calendar of equinoxes and solstices. We discuss the significance of the rising sign in Vedic astrology and how it plays a more critical role in shaping your personality and karma compared to the sun sign. In the second part of our discussion, we explore the power and implications of sun, moon, and rising signs in astrology. The sun sign, we explain, is like the make of a car, the moon sign - the engine, and the rising sign - the paint job. Listen in as we delve into the challenge earth signs face in connecting with the source and the importance of examining the planets in one's chart for a deeper understanding of oneself. We also venture into the realm of houses in astrology, and discuss how the Vedic system divides the signs into 30-degree segments, providing a different perspective than the Western system which calculates them based on actual star patterns in the sky. The final part of our podcast explores the potent role of the lunar cycle in aligning our personal and business undertakings. We explore the four components of the cycle, the mythologies of the nakshaktras and how they influence our lives. Radha and I also discuss the power of intuition and the often-held misconceptions in society. We round off with an interesting exploration of society being "just a little bit off" and the importance of being in alignment with our true selves. Tune in to this enlightening episode for a unique understanding of Vedic Astrology.

--------- EPISODE CHAPTERS ---------

0:00:00 - We are all ALL the signs

0:03:27 - A Skeptic's Introduction to Astrology

0:04:54 - Western/Vedic Approaches to Sun and Rising Signs

0:10:26 - The Houses

0:21:00 - On the Cusp

0:39:20 - "Slightly Off" Finding Truth & Sovereignty In A Chaotic World

0:45:05 - Nakshaktras and World Events

0:47:20 - The Planets & the Individual

0:59:30 - Society & the Outer Planets

1:07:00 - The Nodes --------- ABOUT THE SHOW --------- Sovereign States of Mind explores the many principles of sovereignty and how they can be practiced. Join me, Jordan Urbs, on my own journey to become more autonomous over the things I can control, and surrendered to those which I cannot. I talk to people from all walks of life about different ways the practice of personal sovereignty expresses itself and how we can apply them to ourselves. --------- SUPPORT THE SHOW --------- Community Patreon/Subscription: ⁠⁠ Paypal/Venmo/Cash app: @jordanurbs Bitcoin: bc1qczhykl67ysvkur80sj9v38aw6jrvhxjuyjw8w4 Value4Value: ⁠[email protected]⁠ Zap Sats via LN address: ⁠[email protected]⁠ --------- EPISODE KEYWORDS --------- Vedic Astrology, Sidereal System, Gregorian Calendar, Tropical Calculations, Rising Sign, Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Houses in Astrology, Western Astrology, Source, Earth Signs, Planets in Chart, Lunar Cycle, Nakshaktras, Intuition, Mistruths, LSD, Hippies, Anti-War Movement, Alignment

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