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Proof-of-Work, Bitcoin Sovereignty, and Proof of Money with Terence Michael

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Episode notes

Have you ever contemplated the profound concept of proof-of-work and how it could elevate your life? Journey with us as we unravel these complex notions and interweave them with Bitcoin's intriguing characteristics. We dig into the heart of their significance, contrasting them with the manipulative proof of stake approach too often instrumental in societal and economic control. We also probe the innate human tendency to cheat, making a compelling case for why proving our work is the stepping stone to personal development.

We then set off on a fascinating exploration of money, highlighting Bitcoin as an avant-garde system designed exclusively for this purpose. You'll discover its unique attributes like portability, divisibility, durability, and fungibility, which we then juxtapose with gold, a time-honored monetary standard yet fraught with limitations. Brace yourself for an engaging debate on Bitcoin's environmental footprint, as we contrast it with the ecological impact of gold mining.

Finally, we venture into the thrilling landscape of digital currencies, articulating the inherent risks associated with investments in Ethereum, DAO, and Bitcoin, and illuminating Bitcoin's unique aspects concerning disclosures, regulations, and founder control. We envision Bitcoin's future as a global reserve asset, discussing the potential windfalls and hurdles of such a scenario. We also delve into Bitcoin's potential to create a more equitable global economy and the implications of a BlackRock Bitcoin ETF. We round up our discussion focusing on the sinister 'fiat monster', its impact on inflation, and how Bitcoin's bull markets could stimulate generosity and fund projects. Brace yourselves, as this episode promises to be a thrilling ride into the future of money.

About this Episode's GuestTerence is TV/film producer, investor, entrepreneur, and author who has just released "PROOF OF MONEY: The Big Idea Behind Bitcoin (What You Don't Know About Why You Need It)."


00:00 Intro

01:32 Sovereignty is Proof-of-Work

09:30 Properties of Money

18:45 How Terence got into Bitcoin

32:28 $750k BTC in 10 years

39:24 Bitcoin for practicing personal sovereignty

41:03 Blackrock and ETFs

46:27 Can Bitcoin make the world better?52:05 Proof of Money (Terence' book)

Episode Keywords

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