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Delving into the price of club golf

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Episode notes

It’s membership subscriptions time again and maybe some of you are being asked to fork out a little more than last year.   Where do those fees go and what part do they play in the running of your golf club? Are joining fees really a tax on membership, an expression of loyalty, or a vital part of a golf club’s armoury?   Steve Carroll has started a series of pieces for the Golf Club Managers’ Association, and NCG, and he discusses these two key themes on this week’s podcast with Tom Irwin.   Elsewhere Steve has a particular issue with people who moan about the rules, and can he stop Tom from taking series 1 honours by blinding him with this week’s Rules Corner question?   BTW, apologies for the minor mic issues in the first part of the pod. Hopefully they won't ruin Tom's dulcet tones for you too much!   The NCG Golf Podcast is produced in association with the TaylorMade TP5 golf ball.