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The World Handicap System changes are here!

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Episode notes

Don’t misread the date. It’s not an April Fool. The big World Handicap System changes are here and, from April 1, the way you play your club golf WILL change.

If you’ve forgotten what’s coming, never fear. Tom Irwin and Steve Carroll have enlisted the help of David Kernohan, Scottish Golf’s Head of VMS and Handicapping, to go over the major headlines.

He’ll help you get to grips with Course Rating minus Par, fourball betterball scores, and all the big alterations.

We also discuss where the WHS successes have been and where the system could still be improved.

Elsewhere this week:

  • Free relief from divots? After Jordan Smith’s horror lie, the age-old debate surfaces yet again
  • What if someone finds your ball as time runs out? Can Steve stump Tom again in Rules Corner?
  • More money!? Just what are those tour players up to?

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