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From the Clubhouse: Are our PGA pros a tradition worth saving?

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Episode notes

The most important person in the golf club, or a tradition that belongs in golf's history bin?

In this episode of the From the Clubhouse podcast, Tom Irwin and Steve Carroll consider the role of the PGA professional, what they mean to us, and whether they still have a place in a game that's being pushed to modernise. 

You might not be surprised to learn the duo are very appreciative of the work they do - but they look at why some clubs have gone another way. Is it change for change sake?

They also get into countback. We all know about back-9, back-6, and so on but do you know how far down the rabbit hole you can go? We reveal what the rules say.

Is it the best way to sort out a winner? Should we have playoffs for big board competitions?

And we also discuss USGA research which suggests how far you hit your 7-iron should determine from which tees you would play. Does it also make the game quicker? We get stuck in…

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